PeeWee Hip-Hop

Mon: 4:30pm-5:15pm

Downtown- Studio B

Created for ages 5-7. This class offers quality instruction as well as learning the basic movement and counts intended for the class. Kids in this class will learn rhythm, musicality, learning how to count the music as well as discipline and character building.


Beginning Hip-Hop

Mon: 5:15pm-6:00pm

Downtown- Studio B

This class is designed for the beginner dancer with an experience level of less than a year . Students in this class learn the fundamentals of hip-hop as well as the structure and discipline of remembering key components of a dance routine. This class is currently offered to the ages of 8 years and older.



Mon: 6pm-7pm

Downtown- Studio B

A much faster pace than a beginning class, this level is designed for those who have taken at least a year in the Mini hip-hop class. Students in this class learn more musicality and a deeper sense of rhythm and groove. This class is currently offered to the ages of 8 years and older.


Performance Team

Wed: 5:00pm-5:45pm

Downtown- Studio B

This team is designed to be the stepping stone to a competitive team. Students in here will learn how to become a competitive dancer. What it takes to be part of the team and the necessary fundamentals to be on a competitive stage. Students on this team will get the opportunity to do community performances to strengthen the bond between rehearsal and stage. ( Ages 8-12 )

Competitive Team

Varies depending on team

Competitive teams will compete in 3-5 competitions a year as well as perform at most community events as scheduled. These teams are comprised of dancers who have passed all necessary fundamentals and are ready for the competitive atmosphere. Being on a competitive team is both a dancer and parent commitment. We ask that you fully consider all options before committing to a team. ( Ages 8+ )